MinecraftSP.exe  is Here!


MinecraftSP.exe is the real deal!

Minecraftsp.exe was created out of a growing demand for a free version of Minecraft. It has all of the features of Minecraft, including the ability to play on multi-player servers. Minecraftsp.exe will update to the latest version of Minecraft each time that Mojang releases a new update. You will be able to play through in single player mode also. Minecraftsp.exe is the same game… just without having to buy a premium account. There is really no difference between Minecraft.exe and Minecraftsp.exe other than the official version checks in with Mojang’s premium account list each time that it is run. Minecraftsp.exe does not check in with anything, it just plays. You can change your username too. In fact, you can change your username as many times as you would like. Play through Minecraft as “Notch” once, then play through as “Herobrine”

Click here to download Minecraft

There is really no end to the fun that can be had while playing Minecraft. Our Minecraftsp.exe download will have you playing in just a few seconds. The file will download and begin playing as soon as you click play. You will not be required to complete any surveys or even visit some shady file sharing website. We host Minecraftsp.exe on our own servers and we let you download it with one easy click.

Download Minecraftsp.exe

Minecfraftsp.exe has everything that Minecraft has.

Play Minecraftsp.exe for as long as you like.

Minecraftsp.exe is not some trial version of Minecraft. It is the full game. You will never be told that you now need to purchase the official game. If you would like to purchase the official game, you can purchase it here. You  may want to eventually purchase a Premium account from Mojang. Perhaps you just want to say thanks or you would like to play on some premium Minecraft Servers. With Minecraftsp.exe you can play on cracked Minecraft servers. These are servers that host the same huge multi-player Minecraft games as all the others do. The difference with them is that they also don’t check in with Mojang’s account database each time a player logs on. There are thousands of cracked Minecraft servers. Any player playing Minecraftsp.exe can experience all the added richness that playing multi-player brings. Playing through Minecraft in single player is lots of fun and is very rewarding. The game takes on a whole new dimension as you share the game with thousands of other players. Interact with their incredible creations or build your own. You can battle others on PVP servers. Minecraftsp.exe players can join any type of Minecraft server that they want. You can find a great list of cracked Minecraft servers here

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